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Amazing Grace/La Maravillosa Grace
Ages PreK–4
DVD354BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Chato and the Party Animals/Chato Y Los Amigos Panchangueros
Ages K–3
DVD641BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD641SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD641RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG641CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB641SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Chato’s Kitchen/Chato Y Su Cena
Ages –
PCD380SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD380RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG380CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB380SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Ages PreK–2
DVD369BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
CD369RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
Click, Clack, Moo:Cows That Type/Clic, Clac, Muu Vacas escritoras
Ages PreK–2
DVD573BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD573SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD573RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG573CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB573SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Curious George Rides A Bike/Jorge El Curioso Monta En Bicicleta
Ages PreK–3
DVD017BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Danny And The Dinosaur/Danielito Y El Dinosaurio
Ages PreK–3
DVD067BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD067SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD067RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG067CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB067SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate The Wash, The/El Dia en que la Boa de Jimmy se Comio la Lavada
Ages PreK–4
DVD303BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Day Of The Dead, The/El Día De Los Muertos
Ages PreK–3
DVD896BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Doctor De Soto
Ages K–4
DVD284BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!/No Dejes Que La Paloma Conduzca El Autobús!
Ages PreK–1
DVD853BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD853SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD853RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG853CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB853SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Dot, The/El Punto
Ages PreK–4
DVD646SP DVD (Spanish) $59.95
HCD646SP Hardcover Book/CD (Spanish) $29.95
CD646RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
HB646SP Hardcover Book (Spanish) $17.95
Duck For President/Pato Para Presidente
Ages K–3
DVD652BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD652SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD652RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG652CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB652SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Duck On A Bike/Un Pato en Bicicleta – Available for Pre-Order – Coming in 2017
Ages PreK–3
PCD864SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD864RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG864CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB864SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Duck on a Tractor/Pato en Tractor, En - Available for Pre-Order – Coming in 2017
Ages PreK–3
DVD2926BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD2926SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD2926RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG2926CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB2926SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Giggle, Giggle, Quack/ Jaja, Jiji, Cuac
Ages K–3
DVD635BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD635SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD635RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG635CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB635SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Groovy Joe: Ice Cream & Dinosaurs/Jose el Chevere: Helado y dinosaurios
Ages PreK–1
HCD2760SP Hardcover Book/CD (Spanish) $29.95
CD2760RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
HB2760SP Hardcover Book (Spanish) $17.95
Harry, The Dirty Dog/Harry, El Perrito Sucio
Ages PreK–2
DVD359BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD359SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD359RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PB359SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Hi! Fly Guy/Hola, Hombre Mosca
Ages PreK–3
DVD2482BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD2482SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD2482RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG2482CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB2482SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?/Como Comen Los Dinosaurios?
Ages PreK–2
DVD805BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD805SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD805RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG805CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB805SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?/Como Se Curan Los Dinosaurios?
Ages PreK–1
PCD651SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD651RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG651CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB651SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?/Como van a la escuela los dinosaurios?
Ages PreK–2
PCD871SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD871RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG871CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB871SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?/Como dan las buenas noches los dinosaurios?
Ages PreK–1
DVD611BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Is Your Mama a Llama/Tu mama es una llama?
Ages PreK–3
DVD580BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD580SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD580RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG580CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB580SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Ages PreK–4
DVD676SP DVD (Spanish) $39.95
HCD676SP Hardcover Book/CD (Spanish) $29.95
CD676RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
HB676SP Hardcover Book (Spanish) $17.95
Keeper Of The Swamp
Ages K–4
NM1518DVDBI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale/El Conejito Knuffle: Un Cuento Aleccionador
Ages PreK–2
DVD685BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD685SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD685RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG685CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB685SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $17.95
Leo The Late Bloomer / Leo, El Retoño Tardío
Ages PreK–3
DVD287BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD287SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD287RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PB287SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Max’s Christmas/La Navidad de Max
Ages PreK–2
DVD322BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel / Miguel Mulligan y Su Pala De Vapor
Ages PreK–3
DVD004BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD004SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD004RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG004CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB004SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Miss Rumphius/La Senorita Runfio
Ages K–5
DVD396BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD396SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD396RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG396CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB396SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Noisy Nora
Ages PreK–1
DVD175BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Ages PreK–1
DVD358BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
HCD358SP Hardcover Book/CD (Spanish) $29.95
PCD358SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD358RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG358CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
HB358SP Hardcover Book (Spanish) $17.95
PB358SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog, The/La Paloma Encuentra un Perro Caliente!
Ages PreK–1
DVD878BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
PCD878SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD878RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG878CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB878SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Pumpkin Circle
Ages PreK–13
DVD2034BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $79.95
Rosie’s Walk
Ages PreK–2
DVD125BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Sam and the Lucky Money/Sam Y El Dinero De Le Suerte
Ages PreK–3
DVD381BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
HCD381SP Hardcover Book/CD (Spanish) $29.95
PCD381SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD381RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG381CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
HB381SP Hardcover Book (Spanish) $17.95
PB381SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Snowy Day, The/El Dia Nevado
Ages PreK–2
DVD061BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Sylvester & The Magic Pebble/Silvestre Y La Piedrecita Magica
Ages PreK–3
PCD352SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD352RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG352CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB352SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
This is Not My Hat
Ages PreK–2
PCD2626SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD2626RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG2626CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB2626SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Too Many Tamales/Que Monton De Tamales!
Ages 1–3
PCD600SP Paperback Book/CD (Spanish) $18.95
CD600RASP Audio CD (Spanish) $12.95
PKG600CDSP 5 Paperbacks/1CD Package (Spanish) $38.75
PB600SP Paperback Book (Spanish) $6.50
Where the Wild Things Are/Donde Viven Los Monstruos
Ages PreK–3
DVD084BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95
Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People’s Ears/Por Que Los Mosquitos Zumban en Los Oidos de la Gente
Ages PreK–4
DVD199BI Bilingual DVD (English and Spanish) $59.95

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