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Welcome to our Resource Area! In an effort to make, product information, research and teaching tools readily accessible to our customers, we have created this Resource Area. Here you will find printable PDF files including study guides, calendars, state correlations and much more. View our Monthly Thematic Calendar and Story Hour Thematic Index to get ideas for your classroom or library.

Study guides for our newest releases are included here. If you prefer a study guide for an older title, visit our Online Catalog and go to the title of your choice. We invite you to download as many study guides as you like.



Thematic and Monthly Indexes

Handy tools for matching Weston Woods titles to upcoming events, themes and Holidays!
blue arrow NEW Thematic Index (PDF, 1,270 KB)
blue arrow NEW Month-by-Month Index (PDF, 868 KB)

Research and Quotes
Helpful research and quotes for Grant Writing, No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), parent interaction, and curriculum standards.
blue arrow Download Research and Quotes from the Association of American Publishers (PDF, 18 KB)
blue arrow How Multimedia Can Improve Learning (PDF, 104 KB)
blue arrow Quotes and Awards (PDF, 47 KB)

Blogs of Interest
blue arrow Inside the Audiobook Studio: Willems & Weston Woods from Booklist

Study Guides
See these before, during, and after activity guides for quick and easy lesson plan preparation! For study guides for all of our releases, see the individual title in the Online Catalog section of the website. Study guides for our newest titles are listed here:
blue arrow Sea Bones (PDF, 616 KB)
blue arrow Water Princess (PDF, 658 KB)
blue arrow Nanettes Baguette (PDF, 199 KB)
blue arrow Du Iz Tak? (PDF, 211 KB)
blue arrow Mary McScary (PDF, 661 KB)
blue arrow She Persisted (PDF, 533 KB)
blue arrow Leo A Ghost Story (PDF, 640 KB)
blue arrow Mother Bruce (PDF, 630 KB)
blue arrow Schools First Day of School (PDF, 550 KB)
blue arrow They All Saw Cat (PDF, 626 KB)

Product Guides
Interested in a specific format or correlation? These quick references allow you to see DVDs, Closed-Captioned Titles, Scholastic Reading Counts! and much more.
blue arrow NEW Fall 2019 Story Collection DVDs (PDF, 7,466 KB)
blue arrow NEW Fall 2019 New Releases (PDF, 2,520 KB)
blue arrow NEW Spring 2019 New Releases (PDF, 1,370 KB)
blue arrow NEW Caldecott/Newbery Award Collection (PDF, 4,518 KB)
blue arrow NEW Carnegie Collection (PDF, 5,016 KB)
blue arrow NEW Spring 2019 Catalog Index (Alphabetical Index) (PDF, 1,010 KB)
blue arrow NEW Foreign Language Titles (PDF, 26,770 KB)

Order Form
Fax or mail this downloadable order form. Includes cataloging ordering information.
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Library Processing Form
Fax or mail this downloadable order form. Includes cataloging ordering information.
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Weston Woods Information
Print this quick reference for contacting Weston Woods.
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